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Company Overview :


Sound Fire & Life Safety Inspection Service, LLC was founded to address the rising awareness of building and fire safety officials, building owners, facility managers and the development community of the importance for properly designed, properly installed and properly maintained penetrations and joints through Fire Barriers to safeguard against the spread of fire and smoke.


Since the 2012 edition of the International Building Code (IBC) Section 1705.16 requires that the owner retain a SPECIAL INSPECTOR to inspect and approve the installation of listed penetration firestops and fire-resistant joint systems in new and altered high rise buildings and in buildings assigned a Risk Category III and IV, which includes buildings of assembly and patient care.


Sound Fire & Life Safety Inspection Service, LLC contracts directly with the building owner or his representative satisfying the conflict of interest requirement of IBC Section 1703.1.1


Sound Fire & Life Safety Inspection Service, LLC conducts SPECIAL INSPECTION of installed firestop and fire-resistive joint systems in accordance with ASTM E2174 and ASTM E2393.  Additionally, we are approved as a SPECIAL INSPECTOR by Authorities Having Jurisdiction.  


Sound Fire & Life Safety Inspection Service, LLC can also provide your facility management team with a comprehensive package to manage existing firestop penetrations required annually by International Fire Code (IFC) Section 703.1.  



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Sound is an AC290 Special Inspection Agency accreditated by Underwriters Laboratory


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